Electro Cardio Graph System

OBAMA P.C.Base Electrocardiograph

OBAMA recordes 12 lead-ECG simultaneously and has a built in hardware pacemaker spike detection circuitry which can work on 3 selectable different ECG-channels. The time of recording is pre adjustable. The ECG is displayed in either 3,6 or 12 lead mode.fhe OBAMA-sensor controls the electrode application and gives and alarm to the operator in case of missing electrode contact. This is done without applying any voltage to the patient, special software tools help the doctor to measure the QRS-complexes and the ECG-rhythm. the ECG is transferred to the software via OBAMA sensor that is equipped with a unique wireless technology module.


-Pacemaker spike detection -Frequency response:□.05 to 150 HZ -common mode rejection ra-tio:>100Db -Defibrillation protection according to IEC 60601-1 accuracy at a sensitivity of±5mV:2.44P٧/bit -retrospective play function -land 2-dimensional caliper -integrated-Emergency-ECG -Automatic interpretation of ECG -Automatic diplay of vector loop -Automatic electrode configuration -Enlarged representative QRS-complex -Representative QRs-complex of 12 leads.