Stress test machine

Medical Grade Treadmill for function in cardiology,sport medicine and rehabilitation We provide a wide range of treadmills with different model of hand rails for complete range of medical diagnosis and therapeutic procedures.the cardio assist series designed for stress testing, sports medicine, cardiology, physiotherapy and fitness training.All models are equipped and tested with the latest safety systems and have been manufactured to stringent quality requirements.Before leaving the factory, all cardio assist treadmills are dynamically calibrated and , of course, all units are produced under the strictest quality control conditions.ACT.Eng is an 1509001,15013485 and ISO 10002 certified company .we built the Cardio Assist to be the best stress testing treadmill in the industy.we did so by making it smoother,quieter,stronger and more reliable than any competitor.
- CE approved

Weight : app.230 kg
Maximum patient weight (patient and therapist): 180kg
Motor system :3.OHP, AC motor (maintenance free) safety system: CE, IEC6O6O1-1-2, 60601-1-4 , IEC61OOO-4-2 , IEC61OOO-3-2, IEC61OOO-3-3 ,IEC957,IEC60601-l,MDD,Guide line 93/42 EEC Compatible with all exercise ECG software and systems individually adjustable Emergency sop switch .
High elevation option:(0-25.5%)
High speed option:(0-12km/h) Speed: 0-12km/h: (0.2km/h) Moving surface: 150cm*50cm elevation :O-25٥/٥(O.2%inch) AC line:AC220v-50Hz
Digital in put:RS232

steel tube hand rail on one side,can be mounted on the left or both sides (optionally).
Designed for stress testing (adult and pediatrics) and rehabilitation, safety arch with chest belt and harness . chrome hard facing for hand rails and metal covers are available with extra charge.colour of frame:Black,Gray,white, Silver.Other colour available on request with Extra charge.
Noiseless mechanism even at high speed smallest usage of floor space safety side rails Durable
the Cardio Assist safety arch offers support for: Rehabilitation physiotherapy Adipose patients safety in general Loco motion analysis orthopedic indications Terrific running feeling
A gentle locomotion therapy
Long life spend thanks to high manufacturing quality.
Automatic self-centering of the running surface. Very quiet motor system.

TEN YEAR Warranty will be used both for main motor and Elevator!!
TWO YEAR for the whole system.
For extra support , the patient and the therapist can walk together on this revolutionary machine .
protection against electrical hazard according to IEC6O6O1-1.
Protection against direct or indirect contacts type BF applied part.
Automatic self setting Zero elevation.
With a maximum admissible patient weight of 180 kg the Cardio Assist is the ideal treadmill to meet the guide lines on the treatment of obesity .

Frame of heavy-gauge steel .
motor has no friction parts -
modern and stable design.
temperature: 1O٥C - 4O٥C.
Removable handrails.
Quiet operation.
Low vibration and unique dynamic performance, long wearing,antistatic,four layer polyester belt and waxed deck provide a silent operation .
Easy connection with exercise ECG system . power [االا and maintenance free drive motor . very smooth acceleration from 0 km/h in a range of 0.5 to 12 km/h.high efficiency at an affordable price.
shock absorbing design for running

According to ASTM F21 15 ( American standard for testing and material )» treadmills shall function per manufacturer specification's after enduring a minimum of 2/620/000 cycles at a load equal to 1.5 times minimum specified user weight for institutional treadmills applied to the stationary moving surface. The Cardio Assist is already passed the test for more than 3 million cycles thanks to high 
quality row material and high tech manufacturing systems and procedures.
Strong Main Drive Motor
High Quality Elevation System
and Row Material