ECG Holter Monitoring System (Cardio Rhythm)

ECG Holter Monitoring

Following the initial download of data,cardio Rhythm analysis the ECG in the blink of an eye and presents the HR trend ,the HR variability and all detected Arrhythmias according to type and frequency for the entire recording over a period of up to 48 hours . ECG channels: 3 independent. Power supply:2*i.5٧ batteries■ Pacemaker evaluation procedure■ Heart Rate variability (HRV)analysis■ Small size, light,compact built,convenient to wear recorder. Data transmission :by SD card or an external Card reader. Simultaneous arrhythmia detection in all three channels- Fast HR٧,ST,QT,PM and ٨٣ analysis with color-coded display. Independent analysis of the ST segment in all recorded channels.

The Event list

BBB,Arrh,AVT,SVPB,PSVT,Bradv,Pause,Det ORS,ldioVR,VBP,in VPG R on T,3:1VPB,2:1VPB,Bigem,l:2VPB,CouDI,TriDI,SalvD,١TPMi,PM,ArteF ECG Waterfall Presentation Pacemaker Over view RR-Analysis and HRV-Analysis Pacemaker Analysis Template Matching االاع Disclosure ECG Template Analysis 51 Analysis