Stress Test Module (Cardio View Ergo)

OBAMA 12 Lead stress test

OBAMA is a 12 channel ECG stress test system which control treadmills in speed and elevation and bicycle ergometers in load, it is developed for daily routine use in hospitals and doctors practices, the complex control of a stress test system has been simplified by the intelligent software to give best comfort to the user. For high quality ECG recording the OBAMA sensor (ECG amplifier)fulfills all the needs of ambitious cardiologists,even for patients with pacemaker. 12-channe! stress test with recording presentation and evaluation of ECG "full disclosure"memory. QRS-complex shown in a superimposed mode■ ST-trend and ST-level display of all 12 channels. pacemaker detection. Arrhythmia detection■ Automatic measurement■ Automatic and user events• Real-time printing of ECG curves. Standard or individual protocols■ User-defined stage and ramp protocols• Printing and archiving of report available -Display of representative QRS complexes -12,6 or 3- channel in manual or automatic mode. Automatic elimination of isoelectric line migration . Digital filtration of net disturbances . Digital filtration of muscle origin disturbances• Patient connection :10-lead patient cable for making

Comfortable Stress Testing!

For a reliable diagnosis;the entire 12-channe! ECG,including pacemaker spikes,is recorded with maximum signal quality throughout the stress test■ Thanks to the use of cutting -edge amplification technology and newly developed anti-drift algorithms,the ECG can even be assessed reliably during stress test examinations on treadmills this is achieved by a stable base line. During the development of the OBAMAhe overriding priority was to achieve utmost patient safety. The result is impressive and features a user interface with intuitive operation,meaning that even untrained personnel can use it safely and correctly.

12 channel ECG stress test-simple & Intelligent

OBAMA represents itself in an extraordinary clearly laid out design, which makes it easy during a stress test to find all important information at once. The essentials can be understood at one glance. Less frequently used setting parameters are located at the 2 nd operating level.12 ECG-channels are recording continuously and can be shown in either 3,6 or 12 leads on the screen, the electrode application is permanently monitored and gives alarm if an electrode has lost its contact to the patient, the rhythm stripes and ST-trends are configurable.During stress test it is possible to review results at any time in the past or at recognized event and arrhythmias.the representative QRS-complex is shown in a superimposed mode with reference QRS-complex of the rest-ECG

Safety at all times

To ensure that you can keep an eye on the ECG at all times-especially when you are dealing with high-risk patients-you can use the unique "Review"function to view any ECG section from the entire trace even while exercise training is taking place.ST segment levels from all traces are displayed in the form of a trend and a clear bar chart. Deviating representative QRS complexes are shown online in a separate window Wireless technology. sampling rate:500 HZ. ECG resolution :24زط. Compact yet powerful. Pacemaker spike detection. Dimensions:113*60*26mm. Weight:33Clg(without battery). Defibrillation protection according to EC6O6O1-1. The new OBAMA sensor allows the patient to move freely and without hindrance on the treadmill.At just 330 g (without battery) , the compact amplifier is a real lightweight, yet features an integrated screen to provide information about all key parameters for a successful stress test.

Software options

The R-R interval is shown as a bar chart . The colour blue represents normal beats. Red signifies an episode. If a bar white , this indicates a break. by clicking on a corresponding bar,you can arrive directly at the episode. In the information panel of the wide view, the currently measured heart rates, well as the systollic and diastolic blood pressure ,the ergo meter stress level and the examination room are shown .